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Install and use Mumble for voice communication

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming, and is very resource friendly to deploy, and easy to administrate.

It functions similar to Teamspeak, but is open source, highly encrypted by default and available on nearly every platform. operates a mumble server for communication. This guide, aimed at beginners, will document how to install mumble and connect to the ZEITGEIST server.


Head over to the official mumble website and pick the appropriate version for your operating system.

Alternatively, if you make use of package managers, mumble can be installed using the following commands, depending on your platform:

Ubuntu: Available from official repos

$ sudo apt-get install mumble

Archlinux: Available from official repos

$ sudo pacman -Sy mumble 

Windows: Available from the chocolatey package manager

choco install -y mumble 

Connecting to a server

Once you’ve downloaded and run the installer, run the Mumble application. You can go through the wizard setup or you can manually configure the server later by clicking on [Server] then [Connect] → [Add New] fill in the server connection information available above and after configuring it you should see it in the Favourites folder and should be able to click [Connect] The main two points are that the server address is and the password is heavenlyblue If you get errors about your username being invalid try using underscores _ instead of spaces.

The mumble server information is as follows:

Proper audio configuration

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Audio Wizard

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Deploying your own server

The scope of this guide is to facilitate a basic ability for people to install and use the mumble client. A guide on how to deploy and configure a server can be found here.

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